Burundi, Africa

Pastor Augustin of Burundi Africa first reached out to POPFM in February of 2016. 

Through the love of Christ Jesus there then began a relationship and we have been able

to assist Pastor Augustin and the JCA Ministry with needs such as benevolence for

food, medicine, and a vehicle for the travel needs of JCA Ministries.

Pastor Augustin is an enthusiastic evangelist who travels to many surrounding areas

in Africa building churches and preaching the Gospel. 

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Kisii, Kenya

 Prince of Peace Family Ministries had a beautiful opportunity to visit a small town in

Kenya called Kisii. After months of email correspondence with Pastor Joshua we

were finally able to meet face to face in May 2017. Pastor Joshua took us to meet the

members of his church as we did door to door witnessing. We journeyed through the

villiages for miles and saw the power of Jesus Christ as he healed the sick and ministered

to the lost souls. We witnessed many interesting things while in Africa but nothing

compares to the consistent love Christ has for His people.

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Kisii, Kenya

 In 2018, Prince of Peace Family Ministries got to visit Kisii again! This time it was to visit

Pastor David and the churches under his leadership. We had the opportunity to travel to the

other ministries where we blessed one pastor with transportation and got to minister to the

different congregations. We also spent some time with an orphanage and saw the areas of

need that we were later able to assist. It is always a blessing to see how those in other

countries respond to the Love of Christ and the Power of GOD! 

 Since our September 2018 visit we have been able to bless Pastor David

and the orphanage with several

chickens and a cow in order to

produce milk and eggs on site.

We were grateful for the opportunity to extend HIS Love and show that GOD

has no bounds!

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Offering the church and orphanage


amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

 In April 2020, during COVID-19, our Kenya Ministry reached out to us asking for assistance with face covering for the orphanage. With the pandemic spreading all over the world, we were blessed with the opportunity to provide for 100 children and 10 workers.

Cleveland, OH

 Pastor Michael Smith of Parma Park Church of God in Cleveland, OH

requested for Prince of Peace Family Ministries' Outreach Team to come and

assist with evangalizing in the surrounding areas. First, Apostle Bailey taught a willing group,

new to evangelism, how to witness The Gospel of Jesus Christ  effectivley.

Excited and ready, we took to the streets of downtown Cleveland as well as a few

nearby parks. The echoes of Christ's love was felt throughout our time there and we were

blessed to be His instruments that brought others to Salvation!

Since our time in Cleveland, OH we have heard many praise reports from

Pastor Smith on how the ministry of Parma Park is still being effected. 

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