"That all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty and that you may reverence and fear the Lord your God forever."

-- Joshua 4:24 AMPC

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Senior Pastor Darnell R. Bailey, Sr., began Prince of Peace Family Ministries in a small facility in Abilene,TX. We opened our doors on July 12, 2009 with seventeen faithful members, and the journey to the promise began to unfold. Through the "Power of One", we learned the value of unity in operating as a body of Christ and purchased 10.67 acres of land in cash during our first ten months of operation. Now, with over 180 in weekly attendance, the ministry continues to grow and proclaim the uncompromised Gospel while focusing on personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our area of impact was expanded June 30, 2013 through our branch Prince of Peace Ministries of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. In June of 2014, God spoke to Senior Bailey about beginning the work to establish a ministry in Riverside County, California. Much like God's people scouted the Promised Land (Numbers 13), a chosen team traveled to set the foundation through prayer, evangelism, and outreach within the community. Though the focus of each trip would vary, God led the way each time.

God has shown His faithfulness and favor to this body of Christ since the beginning of the ministry. We are blessed to be walking in the unfolding vision God has for Prince of Peace Family Ministries. We believe as one grows in personal relationship with Christ, one grows in victory in Christ.

In consequence of the action of His power at work in us the Lord did superabundantly, far over and above all that we dared to ask or could think and blessed us with the opportunity to purchase our first church home in Hemet, CA July 29th, 2019.

Prince of Peace Family Ministries is on the move proclaiming the might and power of our great God and the unspeakable freedom offered to all through Jesus Christ! Jesus commanded his disciples to preach the Gospel (Matthew 28: 19-20), and His mandate extends to us as well. Prince of Peace Family Ministries takes the gospel outside the walls through Life Group. The true gospel always brings change in one's life and Prince of Peace Family Ministries strives to walk in that change.