Promises of God are bigger than problems of life.

Circumstances and situations that we view as problems, cast a shadow on the hope and promises

written to us in God's Word. The enemy desires to distract us from the Truth by causing

us to focus more on the problem than on the promise. However, when the light of

the SON shines in, darkness and despair are scattered, and we experience abundant life.

Opportunity in God overcomes opposition of the enemy.

We believe that opposition in life should not negatively change one's position in Christ.  Opposing forces afford greater intimacy with God when we explore the meaning behind why God allows them to be placed in our lives. Opposition from the enemy provides opportunity to know God in new, more intimate ways.  Obstacles are nothing more than unexplored opportunities in one's soul through which the Creator desires to express His love in the caverns of His creation.

Partnership with God bridges partitions in man.

We believe man is comprised of three dimensions: body, soul, and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23 AMP).

 The positioning of these drastically affects our relationship with God.


The third dimension is comprised of desires, self-pleasure, and that which wars against the nature of God.


The second dimension consists of the mind, will, intellect, emotions, and consciousness.


At the point of Salvation, the spirit of man becomes one with the Spirit of God and forms the first dimension.